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Serves 2

September 2012

Avocado-Apple Risotto with Seafood


Photo of Avocado-Apple Risotto with Seafood

Preliminary Work


Heat 10 g olive oil in a non-stick frying pan, add tiger prawns, scallops and diced apple and cook until transparent whilst stirring. Season with salt and freshly milled pepper and place on one side. (Seafood is not quite cooked through yet)

Heat the remainder of the olive oil in the Hotpan casserole, add shallot and sweat for approx. 1 minute on medium heat without colouring.

Then add risotto rice, sweat until transparent, dowse with white wine and fill up with vegetable stock. Bring to the boil whilst stirring, add bayleaf, place lid on top and apply heat. As soon as steam is seen rising, we place the Hotpan into the insulating holder for 20 minutes.

At the end of the cooking period, remove the lid immediately, remove the bayleaf and take the Hotpan casserole out of the insulating holder. Cook the risotto on the hob, whilst stirring, to the degree required, add seafood, diced apple and avocado and heat briefly.

Shortly before serving, enhance with mascarpone, season to taste with salt and freshly milled pepper and garnish with the plucked chervil.

Divide up between the avocado halves and serve immediately.

This recipe is credited to Rudolf Lehmann Kuhn Rikon AG